Story Time

Get paid an average of $60/h to share your passion

Benefits of Teaching with EdThinking

Earn from home

Teach and earn money from your home and fit your own schedule

Teach your way

Teach the topics you are most passionate about and design your own curriculum

Share passion

Share passion with the learners who share the same passion as you and want to learn from you

Influence learners

Help learners to maximize their strength and help them to reach their full potential

“I was working as a designer, in the back of my head I knew it wasn’t what I wanted. Now, I can teach and share interesting topics with curious kids and make money on the side. That's really awesome!” 


—  Linda, designer

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I get paid per hour?

The teacher can set the price and the number of students by yourself from the class edit page. For example, if you set the class size is 5 kids and $10 per kid, and the duration of the class is 30 minutes, then you can earn $50 for a 30-minute class. EdThinking takes only 20% service fee from each transaction for building the tools and technology and marketing your classes.

How long should I work per week?

As a teacher, you can choose to set up classes everyday, of course you can also choose to have classes once a week. Students will register your classes according to your posted schedule.

What should I teach?

Ed Thinking welcomes classes on all subjects and in all formats. You should teach something that you are passionate about, very experienced with, or already do professionally. Please refer to our Class Content Policy. We are developing our own course and teaching plan now. When it is done, teachers will have more choices, leading to teaching your courses after taking our quick training classes.

How to apply to become a teacher?

The registration website is as follows: